Melo Thelo

Melo Thelo was born in Omaha, Nebraska, moved all over growing up, different dads and different homes. Over 25 different homes, experiencing new lifestyles and new people was the norm. She passed away when he was 11 years old in an accident, he was forced to move to South Dakota with his dad. That’s when he started really writing poetry and he thought he could do something with the music. He would hide in the closet to record songs at his dad’s apartment at a young age, because he at the time didn’t approve of his music. After graduated high school he turned recording music into a full time hobby. Melo landed 2 shows in the past year, one opening up for lil flip and the other a coast 2 coast live event and he is not stopping. He want to prove people wrong and prove to his son you really can do whatever you want in life, just got put your mind to it. I’m Melo Thelo, a native american/Caucasian rapper with a dream. Thank you for listening to my story.

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