Dreadnaught joins Gamma Records, with their album 'Incarnate'

Dreadnaught joins Gamma Records, with their album IncarnateDreadnaught started playing as a cover band in the mid 90’s. We  decided to write some of our own music and played out a bit until 2000, when we split up. In 2001 our first singer, Dale Lively died in a car wreck. After that we went separate ways for 13 years until another band member died in 2013. Guitar  player  “Tom Smallwood, after the funeral Tim, C.W. and I started talking about our music being lost if we didn’t record it, so we set out to relearn the old songs and record them. It took about a year to get to the point of recording. We thought the cd would be titled “Incarnate” because this is what the band had become, the three of us. Now we have hired on a new singer Eric Boggs and are writing new music that has really gotten us excited. We cant wait to get this new cd recorded so people can start hearing it.

The album ‘Incarnate’ is AVAILABLE NOW via Gamma Records listen here

Incarnate album



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