Professional Mastering Services

Mastering Services

What is Mastering?
Mastering is the final step in bringing your recording to its optimum potential. It gives your music the professional commercial quality necessary to compete nationally and globally. No matter if your audio is planned for radio, CD/cassette duplication, CD Rom/ DVD authoring or publishing to the world wide web, it must be mastered to take full advantage of the media in which it is to be released. Get that big sound you’ve always dreamed of!


Mastering      $150/per song        ADD TO CART

If you need mastering rates for more songs please contact us


Upload your files for Mastering:

• Submit a stereo track 44.1 or 48.0 kHz – 24 bit WAV files.

Below are a few of the steps taken during the mastering process:
• Noise Reduction
• Equalization
• Tube Compression
• Mastering Reverb
• Peak Limiting
• Adding Ambience
• Stereo Widening
• Bass Enhancement
• Maximization
• Dynamic Expansion
• Fades/Crossfades

NOTE: This service goes for only Mastering the Stereo Wav File.


What is turnaround time for Mastering?

Mastering generally takes 3-5 days for single songs and 7 – 14 business days for full albums, depending on our current work load, the turnaround time may be longer.

I just paid no one contacted me?
We will send upload instructions to paid customers within 2 business days.

I uploaded files and haven’t heard anything?
We will email you a link to upload your mastered audio to your your email address you provided during check out.

What will I receive?
Once your project is completed you will receive A MP3 & WAV file of your Mastered song.

Mastering      $150/per song       ADD TO CART

If you have any questions or to begin, please write

Do you also do Mixing?
Yes! Please see our Mixing page here for more information.